Curry is in the game against Pelicans
Curry is in the game against Pelicans soared in the 13 three-pointers Curtis Glencross Jersey, creating a single-third hit record NBA in the second quarter remaining 5 minutes 58 seconds, Curry Zhang Zhang hands in the outside line Out of a note, "Crossing the bridge," the three non-stick, cast in this ridiculous third after the Pelicans fans began to coax, booed live everywhere.

Smart hit the first three points, then the Celtics soon expanded to double-digit advantage, Rosick hit an emergency stop, the score becomes 41-28. Brogden layup succeeded, but the Celtics darling, but also Luozier fast break raid succeeded, both points difference widened to 15 points. Bucks struggling counterattack, regrettably, little success, Owen continuous hit, the Celtics lead 53-37. The Bucks tried to counterattack halftime before the end, letters Columbia consecutive free throws Philipp Grubauer Jersey, Snell hit third, Owen's long-range bottom corner to help the Celtics to 62-49 will freeze the score half.

Batesmore slip the ball, was Assie steals. The first two minutes 12 seconds, Jarrell Allen defensive cap was fouled, give the Hawks 2 free throws. 8 minutes and 59 seconds, Carole pass, Harris hit a one-third long shot. Nets soared one-third, the team voted 13 three-pointers in this section, but the hit rate was only 38.46%. Nets this section in poor condition Mike Richards Jersey, mistakes up to 6 times. Halftime, the Eagles go-ahead score to 54-53 Jay Beagle Jersey.
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Enemy battles both sides finally
Enemy battles both sides finally widened to 20 points, Bynes grabbed offensive rebounds to complete the second attack Mike Green Jersey, 71-51. Sneijder hit one-third, but why the Milwaukee defensive mess, Brown broke into the restricted area like a morning walk to complete dunks. However, in the case of leading the big score, the Celtics fight a bit lax, the Bucks took the opportunity to fight back in a row, Bledzo hit third after Brogden and emergency stop at close range, 20 points difference was pulled Near to only 7 points. Owen critical moment labeled 2 + 1, followed by assault letter brother defend interference, to help the Celtics successfully stop bleeding. However, with three quarters finished playing letter brother, the Celtics only 7 points advantage, 88-81.

At first we did not know that there was such a child as Chen Jianghua. I went to the United States to find Jack - Sharon, he met I asked if I knew Chen Jianghua, how he played in the end. I said never heard of it, go back and ask.

After I came back to ask the Guangdong team, Guangdong team is not clear, saying that they do not have this youth team Zachary Sanford Jersey. I did not give up, and later went to the Guangdong youth team coach, asked him if he knew Chen Jianghua, he said is not their team Tom Wilson Jersey, is the Guangzhou Wei Lun sports school Nate Schmidt Jersey. Around such a big circle, only to find him.
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The two teams you come to me
The two teams you come to me, Middlesbrough layup, 88-96. However, the Celtics firmly in control of the game, both sides of the points difference is always hovering around 10 minutes Brooks Laich Jersey, Blaise cable layup, Middleton emergency stop shot, the game left 2 minutes 55 seconds, the Bucks again points Poor narrowed to 8 points. Although the letter brother then personal scores raised to 40 +, but Owen hit a crucial third, completely kill the game.

Later learned that Chen Jianghua had previously won the national three pairs of three basketball championship Andre Burakovsky Jersey, to the United States to participate in civil basketball exchanges, playing games with the United States children. Once hit a college team, met a year when the NBA was selected by the defender Steve Oleksy Jersey, the two played a one-on-one position, the results of Chen Jiang-hua that person Akira a, then the past is a dunk, all at once the audience sensation , I did not expect this Chinese kid so good, even in the United States out of the name.

So this Jack - Sharon met with me in the United States said that you must get me to see Chen Jianghua, pass so magical, in the end really fake. That's it, I got Chen Jianghua Justin Williams Jersey.
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The first section of 6 minutes and 05 seconds
The first section of 6 minutes and 05 seconds, the letter brother ball to kill, although Beiersi lie in front of, but the Greek monster is still leaping high, facing the Celtics center whistling away. Bynes down hard, no concessions, the final foul letter brother, "shot down" to avoid being trampled buckle background plate.

Schroeder fouled in an attempt at Jefferson, giving the Nets a free throw. The first 5 minutes 59 seconds, Carroll error passing, Beizmoer steals. 7 minutes and 18 seconds, Booker fed the ball, Harris hit a one-third shot Justin Peters Jersey. The Nets launched a crazy offensive rebounds, this section grabbed 21 rebounds, including five offensive rebounds, which Zeller contributed 5 rebounds, with a basket advantage 15 points ahead. The Nets played smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 9 assists, of which Krabu sent a teammate for two passes. Nets this section in poor condition, mistakes up to 8 times. Three finished, the Nets go-ahead score 84-69.

The fourth quarter Matt Niskanen Jersey, the first 1 minute and 9 seconds, Le Vail's assists Chris Brown Jersey, Jared Elon domineering dunk scored 2 points. The first minute 59 seconds, Batesmore mistakes occurred, steals Jared Lethal. The first 3 minutes 8 seconds, Schroeder fouled in Lever shot, give the Nets 2 free throws. This section of the Nets feel quite good, the team shot 66.67% shooting, compared with 25.00% of the Hawks better, including Jefferson only got 6 points this section Justin Williams Jersey. The game over, the Nets beat the Hawks 103-79 to seal the victory.
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